The voters of Los Angeles County approved Proposition A in the November 3, 1992, 
General Election.   Proposition A authorized an annual assessment on nearly all of 
the 2.25 million parcels of real property in the County.    Proposition A funded $540 
million  for the  acquisition,  restoration or rehabilitation  of real  property for parks 
and park safety,  senior recreation facilities,  gang prevention, beaches, recreation, 
community or cultural facilities,  trails,  wildlife habitats,  or natural lands,  and 
maintenance and servicing of those projects.

On November 5, 1996, the County’s voters approved a 2nd Proposition A to fund 
an additional $319 million of parks and recreation projects and additional funds for 
maintenance and servicing of those projects.

The Regional  Park  and  Open  Space District  collects assessments against  parcels 
of  land in  the County of Los Angeles  and  disburses funds for grants and  other 
programs.   The  District  works  with  the County Assessor,  Auditor-Controller, 
and Treasurer-Tax Collector  to  collect the  District’s assessments.   Assessment 
review is available on any parcel.