The Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) administers grant funds from Proposition A totaling over $1 billion to date. Grant-funded projects range from tree planting to open space acquisition; hiking and walking trails to beaches; rivers and streams to wildlife habitat. Prop A funding stretches from the Pacific Coast to the Inland Empire and the breathtaking cliffs of Palos Verdes to the vast open space bordering Kern County.

RPOSD’s Program Managers are here to assist grantees in utilizing their Prop A funded dollars to the fullest. We invite you to check out the Grant Opportunities section often as new opportunities are always developing. In addition, here at RPOSD, we encourage you to contact your Program Manager with any questions that may arise or if you require assistance in completing payment requests or managing maintenance and service funds associated with your Prop A grant-funded projects.

Inquiries, correspondence, and Grant Applications should be addressed to:
Your Program Manager
Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District
510 South Vermont Avenue, Room 230
Los Angeles, California 90020-1975

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