The Proposed Ford Theatres Project Draft Environmental Impact Report is available on this website for public review and comment.  The Project includes rehabilitation of portions of the existing Amphitheatre and development of the Ford Terrace, the Ford Plaza, the Transit Center and a hiking trail, all within the current boundaries of the Ford Theatres site.  The proposed improvements would be designed to be consistent with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for historic property rehabilitation.  The public review period for the Draft EIR begins on June 23, 2014, and ends on August 8, 2014.  Please see the entire Notice of Completion and Availability for information on how to submit written comments.

Notice of Completion and Availability
Ford Theatres Project


0.0          Draft EIR Cover
0.1          Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Project Description
III. Environmental Setting
IV. Environmental Impact Analysis
                       IV.A.   Aesthetics, Views, Light, and Glare
                       IV.B.   Air Quality
                       IV.C.   Greenhouse Gas Emissions
                       IV.D.   Biological Resources
                       IV.E.   Cultural Resources
                       IV.F.   Geology and Soils
                       IV.G.   Hydrology, Water Quality, and Groundwater
                       IV.H.   Land Use and Planning
                       IV.I.    Noise
                       IV.J.1  Public Services—Fire Protection
                       IV.J.2  Public Services—Police
                       IV.K.   Traffic, Access, and Parking
                       IV.L.1  Utilities and Service Systems—Water
                       IV.L.2  Utilities and Service Systems—Energy and Energy Conservation
V.      Alternatives
VI.     Other CEQA Considerations
VII.    References
VIII.   List of Preparers
IX.     Acronyms and Abbreviations


Appendix A        Initial Study/NOP/NOP Comment Letters
Appendix B        Tree Survey
Appendix C        Air Quality Worksheets
Appendix D        Greenhouse Gas Emissions Worksheets
Appendix E        Biological Resource Assessment
Appendix F        Historic Resources Report
Appendix G        Archaeological and Paleontological Resources Records Searches
Appendix H        Geotechnical Reports
Appendix I        Hydrology and Water Quality Report
Appendix J        Noise Worksheets
Appendix K        Correspondence from Public Service Providers
Appendix L        Traffic Study
Appendix M        Water System and Supply Study
Appendix N        Electricity and Natural Gas Will Serve Letters
Appendix O        The Ford, Transformed: Realizing the Potential of Ford Theatres County Regional Park