Fitness Zones are easy-to-use outdoor gyms that bring a new set of healthy activities to the park experience. Our Fitness Zones create a fun, accessible, and social environment where people can enjoy getting fit. We know that just getting outdoors makes people healthier and happier. Fitness Zones take that one step further by giving people free access to top-quality exercise equipment suitable for all fitness levels. The fitness zones are located throughout various parks in the County of Los Angeles.

Acton Park
Adventure Park
Arcadia Community Regional Park
Avocado Heights Park
Basset Park
Belvedere Community Regional Park
Cerritos Community Regional Park
Charter Oak Park
City Terrace Park
Dalton Park
El Cariso Community Regional Park
Allen J. Martin Park
Amelia Mayberry Park
Eugene A. Obregon Park
Pathfinder Community Regional Park
Jackie Robinson Park
Franklin D. Roosevelt Park
Carolyn Rosas Park
Rowland Heights Park
Ruben F. Salazar Park
San Angelo Park
Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area
Saybrook Park
Peter F. Schabarum Park
Sorensen Park
William Steinmetz Park
Sunshine Park
Valleydale Park
Charles White Park
Whittier Narrows Recreation Area