Los Angeles County Off-Highway Vehicle Dialogue Phased Project

The purpose of the Los Angeles County OHV Dialogue is to build consensus among stakeholders and community members on OHV Park Planning Guidelines (siting criteria) for a possible OHV park, trail, and/or staging area in Los Angeles County to be owned and operated by the Department of Parks and Recreation. There are three phases associated with this project: Phase One - Complete LACO Park Planning Guidelines; Phase Two - Analyze prospective site(s) for either a regional or urban OHV park, trail, or staging area; and, Phase Three – Completed full analysis of probable site(s), including stakeholder input, and Board Office approval.

No specific project sites were identified, evaluated, or selected as a part of the first phase of this project. Rather, the Park Planning Guidelines will serve as a framework for future efforts during phase two and three of the project, where potential sites may be identified and evaluated. The Guidelines (See link to Guidelines below) specify factors to consider when evaluating potential park locations, such as, but not limited to: environmental, land use, sound, topography, access conditions, and criteria related to vehicle operational characteristics.

  • Phase One: The LACO OHV Park Planning Guidelines were completed on November 2010, and updated August 2011. Please click on above link to view or download the complete document!
  • Phase Two: Two OHV staging area sites were reviewed by the County of Los Angeles, Department of Parks and Recreation.  On June 20th, 2014 the Department decided not to pursue the acquisition and development of the Littlerock Park site (Letter of Determination).  

Click below for the following information:
Littlerock OHV Park Project Fact Sheet

Littlerock Public Meeting Flyer (11/20/13 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM) at Jackie Robinson Park
Littlerock Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
Community Meeting and Public Comment Summary Report
Letter of Determination

  • Phase Three:  The Department continues to investigate and review viable OHV park sites.

The Grand Opening of the County-funded San Gabriel Canyon Four-Wheel Drive Obstacle Course and the All Terrain Vehicle Training Course.