Neenach Wildlife Preserve
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Neenach Wildlife Preserve

Adjacent to 210th Street West And West Avenue D
Fairmont, CA  93536
(661) 944-6881
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Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Vehicle Entrance Fees: N/A

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The Neenach Habitat Preserve is located within the significant ecological area of Joshua Tree Woodland approximately 20 miles west of the City of Lancaster.  This 40-acre preserve displays a beautiful stand of Joshua Trees, Juniper and rabbit brush.  This habitat is ideal for desert wildlife such as Black-tailed jackrabbit, Chipmunk, Burrowing owl, Cactus wren, California thrasher, Roadrunner, California rock wren, Mojave rattlesnake, Glossy snake, Nightsnake, Lyre snake, Desert spiny lizard, desert hairy scorpions, and California ebony tarantula.