Off-highway Vehicles (OHV)
state park O.H.V.
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Off-Highway Vehicles

Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) are motorized land vehicles mostly used for recreation purposes. As the name suggests, an OHV is usually not legal to operate on public highways, streets, or roads. An OHV is instead driven on public or private authorized trails, beaches, open fields, or in the desert. All terrain vehicles (ATV’s), off-road motorcycles or dirt bikes, dune buggies, snow mobiles, and 4-wheel drive vehicles, such as jeeps and trucks, can all be defined as OHV’s.

TIP: When off-roading, all vehicles must meet DMV standards for approved muffler (96dBA max.) with spark arrestor and current registration. OHV’s such as motorcycles and ATV’s must also be equipped with approved muffler (96dBa max.) with spark arrestor and have valid green sticker or red sticker registration properly positioned on vehicle. Also, remember, it’s a state law that requires all ATV riders to wear an approved helmet.

Please follow all rules and regulations of each respective park, trail, and staging area. Show respect and consideration for the natural and built environment, and other park, trail, and staging area users. Above all, recreate safely and enjoy the adventure!