Basketball is a fun team sport and great exercise.  With 92 basketball courts throughout our parks, there are plenty of courts to shoot some hoops.  Stop by with friends or join in a game at the park.  There are also many basketball programs at the park for youth and adults.  Stop by your favorite park for more information.

Acton Park
Adventure Park
Alondra Community Regional Park
Amigo Park
Athens Park
Avocado Heights Park
Bassett Park
Belvedere Community Regional Park
Mary M. Bethune Park
Roy Campanella Park
George Washington Carver Park
Castaic Sports Complex
Cerritos Community Regional Park
Charter Oak Park
City Terrace Park
Crescenta Valley Community Regional Park
Dalton Park
Del Aire Park
Dexter Park
East Rancho Dominguez Park
El Cariso Community Regional Park
Enterprise Park
Fair Oaks Park
Charles S. Farnsworth Park
Helen Keller Park
George Lane Park
Loma Alta Park
Allen J. Martin Park
Everett Martin Park
Amelia Mayberry Park
Mona Park
Eugene A. Obregon Park
Jesse Owens Community Regional Park
Pamela County Park
Parque de los Suenos
Pearblossom Park
Rimgrove Park
Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park
Jackie Robinson Park
Franklin D. Roosevelt Park
Ruben F. Salazar Park
San Angelo Park
Saybrook Park
Sorensen Park
Stephen Sorensen Park
William Steinmetz Park
Sunshine Park
Two Strike County Park
Val Verde Community Regional Park
Valleydale Park
Victoria Community Regional Park
Col. Leon H. Washington Park
West Creek Park