By Kevin Jimenez

For kids who love to fish, the Department of Parks and Recreation recently held a children’s fishing derby at Apollo Community Regional Park in Lancaster, and it was a hit among participants.

Our staff worked diligently to make sure the park and lake was ready for the derby. The lake was stocked with Rainbow Trout, and prizes were given out to both boys and girls of ages 5 to 7; 8 to 10; 11 to 13; and 14 to 15. Prizes include bikes, tents and fishing gear. More than 200 children participated, and they were all filled with joy as they hooked fish from the Lake. The largest fish caught was just under 5 pounds!

“Our staff worked diligently to make sure the park and lake were ready for the fishing derby,” said Regional Grounds Maintenance Supervisor Rob Horio, who has worked many derbies in the past, but thought this year’s event was extra special. “I truly enjoyed the look on the children’s faces as they reeled in the fish. That, to me, makes all the work worth it.”

This event is something that the local community looks forward to every year, and it has been happening every summer since the park opened in the 1970s. The opportunity to show kids the fun of fishing is something that park staff looks forward to, and this is the most anticipated event at Apollo Community Regional Park every year.

There are two upcoming adult fishing derbies scheduled at Apollo Community Regional Park – one in the fall, and the other next spring. If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact the park directly at (661) 940-7701.