As an entity that always strives for excellence, the Department of Parks and Recreation is proud to have received an Award of Excellence from the California Parks & Recreation Society (CPRS) for its comprehensive Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment (PRNA) Website:  

This recognition was in the category of “Marketing and Communications,” and Department representatives recently accepted the statewide award at the annual CPRS Conference & Expo held in Sacramento in front of hundreds in attendance.

“The CPRS awards program is a prestigious and highly sought-after recognition, and we’re proud to have received it,” said John Wicker, Department Director. “I credit this award to our staff who worked hard to ensure the creation of a Needs Assessment website that ultimately played a major role in voters approving Measure A last November. Measure A will bring in critically needed revenue to fund parks and recreation programs across Los Angeles County.”

The website for the PRNA provided a clearinghouse for meeting information, data sharing and transparency about the PRNA process in a clear and simple manner. Before voter approval was sought for Measure A, the Department launched the PRNA to analyze park needs across the County, and develop a plan for the distribution of future parks and recreation funds under Measure A.

The website allowed residents from across Los Angeles County to learn about and participate in the PRNA. Its easily-navigated pages presented information in multiple languages, and a variety of formats for users of all technical abilities. The website became a hub for supporters of the PRNA, and continues to be maintained as a resource for all residents of Los Angeles County.

CPRS Executive Director Stephanie Stephens noted recipients of the organization’s Award of Excellence, including the Department of Parks and Recreation, represent the finest in addressing community issues across the state affecting park planning and recreation programming, among other things.

“CPRS and our award sponsors are proud to recognize excellence!” she said.

CPRS is a membership organization with 3,600 members representing the 535 local parks and recreation agencies throughout the state.