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How do I get started doing business with Los Angeles County?

Register by clicking on the link below.  You will be notified, via e-mail, when a bid/RFP is issued for the particular commodity(ies)/service(s) for which you have registered.

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Where do I find bid & contract opportunities/awards?

Click on the button below to view the latest open bid / contract opportunities and awarded information.

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What should I expect at a bidder's conference?

The bidder conference is used to discuss the specifications/statement of work and bid/proposal requirements for a specific bid/Request for Proposal.  It also affords the potential contractors an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification.  A walk through of facilities where work is to be provided is generally conducted during the conference (if needed).

Does the County require insurance coverage?

Insurance is required when your company is awarded a bid/contract and your employee(s) are on County property, are transporting County clients, or are in possession of County data.  Generally, the County requires General Liability, Auto Liability, and Workers’ Compensation insurance on all service contracts. In addition, the County may require other types of insurance depending on  the specific service being solicited.  Refer to the specific solicitation for specific insurance program requirements.

Proof of insurance must be provided to the County before you start any work

Are performance bonds required?

Performance bonds are required when it is necessary to protect the County’s interests. Most bids issued by the Department do not require a bonding. Refer to the specific solicitation for specific bond requirements.  Bond certificate must be provided to the County before you start any work.

If I’m not registered on webven, can I still submit bids/proposals to the Department of Parks and Recreation?

Yes.  However, it is in your best interest to register your business through the County’s vendor registration process to ensure you receive appropriate notices of bidding/contracting opportunities. Please note that you must be registered upon contract award.

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Do local vendors receive preference from the County?

Yes. Effective October 28, 2002, the County implemented a Local Small Business Enterprise Preference Program for local small businesses who are: Certified as a small business enterprise (SBE) by the State of California; and a business having its principal office currently located in LosAngeles County for at least the past twelve months; and is certified by the County’s Office of Small Business.

Effective November 11, 2011 certified Local SBEs are entitled to an 8% bid reduction “preference” on applicable County contracts. You may view the detailed eligibility and requirements online from the Office of Small Business at the button below.

View It Here

How do I get paid?

The County policy is to pay vendor invoices within thirty (30) days of receipt of a correct and proper invoice.

Does the County have a program for disadvantaged businesses?

Yes.  The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors established the Community Business Enterprise (CBE) Program for minority, women, disadvantaged, and disabled veteran-owned businesses.  The CBE Program is administered through the Office of Small Business (OSB).  OSB certifies only minority and/or women-owned businesses with at least 51% ownership, but recognizes disadvantaged and disabled veteran-owned businesses for federal program participation purposes.

Disclaimer: The guidelines presented here have been prepared and provided for information purposes only.  These guidelines do not supplant the laws, regulations, and procedures governing procurement and contracting by the County of Los Angeles.  In the event of changes in those laws, regulations, and procedures, such laws, regulations, and procedures are binding and take precedence.

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