I am already a volunteer and have been Live-Scanned with another County Department. Do I still need to register and be Live-Scanned again with Parks and Recreation?

Yes, you do need to be re-scanned. Privacy laws require that each department keep its own records and information cannot be shared.

How old do I have to be to volunteer with Parks and Recreation?

The minimum age to become a registered volunteer is 14.

Is there a time requirement per month that I have to fulfill as a volunteer?

Because of the different types of volunteers offered by the Department, we do not have a per month minimum time requirement that one has to serve. However, a volunteer may be removed from the program if we have not heard from that person in a long time.

I am a sports coach and only volunteer with the park during the season. Do I have to register every year that I return?

No.  If you are registered as a volunteer and only return to us seasonally, you do not need to register again as long as we can verify through our records that you are still a registered volunteer. This also pertains to the Live-Scanning requirement. As long as we can verify that you have been Live-Scanned with us and have not been removed from the system, there will be no need to be re-scanned.

I am a student at a local high school and have a community service requirement to fulfill. Do I need to register with Parks and Recreation as a volunteer to complete this?

No, registering as a volunteer is not necessary for this type of project. You may contact the park of your choice and coordinate directly with them.  Hopefully, you will enjoy your time with the Department and want to come back and register as a regular volunteer.

Where can I get a Live-Scan?

Click on the link below for a list of Live-Scan locations throughout Los Angeles County.

Live-Scan Locations

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