Love getting outside and breathing fresh air? Why not take a hike?  LA County has nearly sixty trails for you to explore.  From hiking trails to mountain biking trails to moonlight hikes, LA County has something for everyone.


Hiking at any one of our many Nature Centers, Sanctuaries and/or network of multi-use trails can be an enriching experience. From the Palos Verde Peninsula along local mountain ranges to the wide open spaces in the northern part of Los Angeles County, there are hiking trails designed for everyone’s interest and ability. So grab your hiking boots, walking stick and binoculars and see what you’ve been missing! *Eaton Canyon Hiking Alert


Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation has miles of multi-purpose trails that allow for mountain biking. Remember to wear your helmets and other safety equipment.


Hike under starlit skies and experience the natural wonders of nature at night. See nocturnal neighbors like raccoons, skunks, bats, and owls and hear coyotes call in the night. Call your local Nature Center or Natural Area for dates and times. Fun for the entire family!