Strategic Plan 2023

Help Us Envision the Future of Parks!

“Our Strategic Plan responds to and supports the County’s most vulnerable populations through improved park access, recreational programming, and other services that adapt to the region’s changing needs. By working hand-in-hand with communities and leading with equity, our Strategic Plan’s outcomes will improve the lives of residents across LA County for years to come.”

About the Five Year Strategic Plan (2023-2028)

The Five-Year Strategic Plan will help achieve our Department’s bold vision as a world-class parks and recreation organization. This plan lays out our Department’s action plan through a series of goals, strategies, and actions.

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal #1: Promote play and well-being of youth, families, and seniors

Goal #2: Strengthen programs, experiences, and engagement in community

Goal #3: Increase park equity and access to innovative park space

Goal #4: Invest in staff and volunteers

Goal #5: Provide stewardship of public lands, natural resources, and urban forestry

Goal #6: Advance organizational excellence

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