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Park Programs

Dance Classes

ActivityStart DateDay(s)TimeLocationFeeAge
Belly DancingJanuary 5thMonday6:00pm-7:00pmMultipurpose Rm$40 per month13-85 yrs.
Aztec DancingJanuary 5thMonday7:30pm-9:00pmMultipurpose RmFree3-60 yrs.
Hip Hop Dance ClassTBAMonday4:00pm-5:30pmMultipurpose Rm$10 per monthAll Ages
Zumba FitnessJanuary 6thTuesday8:30am-9:30amMultipurpose Rm$3 per personAll Ages
Dance AerobicsJanuary 5th– March 26thTuesday & Thursday4:30pm-5:30pmMultipurpose Rm$78 per session18 & Up
Folklorico Dancing (Beginning)January 6thTuesday6:00pm-7:00pmMultipurpose Rm$30 per  month3-7 yrs.
Folklorico Dancing (Intermediate I)January 6thTuesday7:00pm-8:30pmMultipurpose Rm$40 per  month7-10 yrs.
Folklorico Dancing (Intermediate II)January 8thThursday6:00pm-7:30pmMultipurpose Rm$40 per  month9-12 yrs.
Folklorico Dancing (Advanced)January 8thThursday7:30pm-9:00pmMultipurpose Rm$40 per  month13-18 yrs.
International Folk Dances & Line DancingJanuary 11thSunday3:00pm-5:00pmMultipurpose Rm$45 per 8 session18 & Up
Ballet Dance Class11:00am-11:40amMultipurpose Rm$45.003-5 yrs.
Ballet Dance ClassJanuary 17th-Feb 21stSaturday11:45am-12:25pmMultipurpose Rm$45.006-11 yrs.

Vocal Classes

ActivityStart DateDay(s)TimeLocationFeeAge
Voice 14:00pm-4:45pm10-15 yrs.
Voice 2January 7th– Feb 11thWednesday5:00pm-5:45pmMultipurpose Rm$85+($10 Material)16-20 yrs.
Voice 36:00pm-6:45pm21 & Up

Self-Improvement Classes

ActivityStart DateDay(s)TimeLocationFeeAge
Meditation ClassJanuary 1st-March 31stWednesday10:00am-12:00pmMultipurpose RmFree50 & Up
Aikido ClassJanuary 9thFriday6:00pm-7:00pmMultipurpose Rm$45 per month5 & Up

Arts & Crafts

ActivityStart DateDay(s)TimeLocationFeeAge
Theatrical Make-UpFeb 2nd– Feb 23rdMonday5:30pm-6:30pmArts & Crafts Rm$59+($17 Materials)13 & Up
Anti-Aging Skin Care ClassFeb 2nd– Feb 23rdMonday6:30pm-7:30pmArts & Crafts Rm$59+($17 Materials)13 & Up
Glamour Make-UpFeb 2nd– Feb 23rdMonday7:30pm-8:30pmArts & Crafts Rm$59+($17 Materials)13 & Up
Ceramic Tiles & MuralsJanuary 5thMonday12:00pm-2:00pmArts & Crafts Rm$60/ 6 weeks18 & Up
Stained Glass With Foil & CameJanuary 7thWednesday2:30pm-3:45pmArts & Crafts Rm$40/ 6 weeks18 & Up
Ceramic Hand Building & SculptureJanuary 7thWednesday6:00pm-8:30pmArts & Crafts Rm$60/ 6 weeks18 & Up
Card making & ScrapbookingJanuary 15th -Feb 5thThursday11:00am-12:30pmArts & Crafts Rm$40 +

($40 Materials)/4weeks

16 & Up
Floral ArrangementsJanuary 8thThursday7:00pm-9:00pmArts & Crafts Rm$45+($25 Materials)16 & Up
Drawing (Mixed Media)Feb 5thThursday5:00pm-6:30pmArts & Crafts Rm$75+($25 Materials)10 & Up
Knitting & CrochetingJanuary  9thFriday8:30am-11:30amArts & Crafts Rm$20 per 6 weeks18 & Up
Lego EngineeringJanuary 10thSaturday9:00am-10:00amArts & Crafts Rm$84 per 6 session5-11 yrs.
Poetry WorkshopTBASaturday10:00am-11:30amArts & Crafts Rm$10 per monthAll Ages

Computer Classes

ActivityStart DateDay(s)TimeLocationFeeAge
Intro to Computers/ Intro to M/S OfficeJanuary 7thWednesday11:00am-1:00pmComputer Rm$60 per 6 weeks16 & Up
Adobe PhotoshopJanuary 7thWednesday1:30pm-3:30pmComputer Rm$80 per 6 weeks16 & Up
Web Design & FlashJanuary 8thThursday1:30pm-3:30pmComputer Rm$80 per 6 weeks16 & Up
Adobe In Design CS5 & Adobe Illustrator CS5January 8thThursday11:00am-1:00pmComputer Rm$80 per 6 weeks16 & Up

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