The County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation proudly offers a wide variety of martial arts style classes! We offer classes that are designed to help teach the basics of self defense to the intricacies of modern martial arts. This page offers a variety of information to help you learn about what kind of martial arts programs our parks offer. Click the button below to access are parks search to find a class near you.


Participants learn the fundamentals and advanced skills of boxing at an amateur and professional level. Our boxing programs are designed to promote fitness, self-discipline and self-confidence. Activities for this sport are offered to youth ages 8 to 18 years of age. Click the button below to find a club near you.


A variety of martial arts programs are offered through the Department of Parks and Recreation. In addition to the physical skills required to learn effective self-defense, children learn how to use discipline, respect, self-control, and teamwork. Skills and techniques learned through martial arts teach children lifetime lessons!


Learn how to protect yourself and escape dangerous situations. This empowering class focuses on escape and self-protection techniques borrowing many elements from various martial arts.

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