Girls (or Women’s) Lacrosse, sometimes shortened to WLAX or LAX, is a sport played with 12 players on each team. Originally played by indigenous peoples in the Americas, the modern women’s game was introduced in 1890 at the St. Leonard’s School in St. Andrews, Scotland. The rules of Women’s Lacrosse differ significantly from men’s field lacrosse, and the equipment required to play is also different from the men’s. In the United States, women are only required to wear eyewear (or lacrosse goggles) and a mouth guard.

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If you would like to sign up your child for our Girls Lacrosse program, please click the button below.

There, you can select the park of your choice and pay the fee for the league. Your local park will also have the registration form you need to complete.

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Ages 10-14

Must be 14 during the start of the season. If you your child turns 15 during the season, we will allow them to play.

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