The Planning and Development (P&D) Agency plays an important role in ensuring that County parks and trails are well planned, designed, constructed, and preserved; socially and culturally relevant; appropriately and equitably located in all neighborhoods; physically accessible; and safe and secure. Headed by Deputy Director Alina Bokde, the Agency consists of the Planning Division, Development Division, and Capital Projects Group which are staffed with planners, landscape architects, architects, project managers and other professionals.

In many ways, County Parks are the civic center and heart of Los Angeles County’s culturally diverse unincorporated communities. The Planning and Development Agency serves the needs of the community by developing policies and implementing projects that support park expansion and environmental stewardship of County lands and trails.

Through land acquisition, water and energy conservation, and cultural and historical preservation, the Planning and Development Agency addresses the County’s rapidly growing population and environmental concerns impacting the health and safety of our communities and natural areas.

As a means of increasing recreational opportunities, Senior social networks, and parks and open space, P&D also forms partnerships with schools and neighborhood groups through joint-use agreements and focuses on closing gaps in local and regional park service areas.

P&D continues to improve technologically, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to track the physical and demographic characteristics of our unique parks system to aid in the completion of the regional trails network.

The Planning and Development Agency’s mission is to enrich the lives of the communities through planning, design and development of County Parks and inspire environmental stewardship for future generations.

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