About Us

Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation is dedicated to building strong and resilient communities through high quality recreation and enrichment.  As a Contract Instructor, you will bring valuable skills and expertise to our parks. Recreation and enrichment classes promote diversity, culture, personal well-being and improve the lives of our park patrons.

Why You Should Teach Your Class at LA County Parks

You can set the fees, dates, and times of your activities
Instructors receive 60% of fees charged for in-person classes
Instructors receive 70% of fees charged for virtual classes
Activities can be offered on a weekly basis or as a 1–3-day workshops.
We’ll provide one of our recreation facilities for your use as well
We’ll market your class for you!

Please note that Contract Instructors are not considered employees of the Department and therefore are not eligible to receive County employee benefits.

The Summer 2022 Applications for new instructors are now closed. We are therefore not accepting New applications at this time. Stay tuned for future opportunities!

Classes We’re Looking For at Our Parks

In-Person Classes 

Wilderness First Aid ( all ages)
Tennis  (all ages)
Martial Arts ( all ages)
Cooking is Fun ( all ages)
Drum Circle ( all ages)
Karate (children, youth)
Soccer Clinic  (children, youth)
Softball Clinic (children, youth)
Basketball clinic ( children, youth)
Aztec Dancing ( adult)
Flamenco Dancing ( adult)
Pickleball ( adult)
Kayaking/Paddle Boarding (adult)
Dog Obedience 101 (adult)
Fun Themed Bingo Nights (adult)
Guitar Class (youth)
Step Dance ( adult)
Samba (adult)
Senior Classes (adult)
Badminton (adult)
Knitting & Crocheting (adult)
Community Improve (adult)
Poetry & meditation (adult)

Virtual Classes

Salsa Cardio (adult)
Poetry & meditation ( adult)
Learn Another Language ( all ages)
Beginning Watercolor (all ages)
Ballet ( children)