PROJECT TITLE: Diamond Bar Golf Course Renovation Project Betterment Agreement

PROJECT LOCATION: Diamond Bar Golf Course, 22751 Golden Spring Drive, Diamond Bar 91765


The previously approved Golf Project impacts only a portion of the irrigation system of the golf course. The Betterment Agreement (Agreement)between the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments will replace and upgrade the remaining irrigation system throughout the entire golf course. The Agreement is within the scope of the impacts analyzed in the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) previously adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 10, 2020 for the Diamond Bar Golf Course Modification Project. A Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) was adopted. There are no changes to the project or to circumstances under which the project will be undertaken that require further review under the California Environmental Quality Act. The previously adopted MMRP continues to apply.

The County is acting as a responsible agency for the Betterment Agreement. The SGVCOG, as lead agency, has prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND), consulted with the County, and approved the IS/MND for this Project on July 27, 2020. The County is a responsible agency for this Project because the County owns and operates the Diamond Bar Golf Course, and in its independent judgment concludes the Golf Project will not have a significant effect on the environment. SGVCOG’s coordination with the County to reconfigure the Golf Course, replace parkland in-kind, as well as make aesthetic improvements, will lessen impacts and improve the Golf Course. The location of the documents and other materials constituting the record of the proceedings is at or The custodian of such documents and materials is Mr. Eric Shen, Chief Engineer, SGVCOG at 4900 Rivergrade Road, Suite A120, Irwindale, CA 91706.

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