PROJECT TITLE: Littlerock Park Development Project

PROJECT LOCATION: 96th St E and E Avenue T, Littlerock, CA  93543

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The proposed project will provide for the development of a new 3-acre park on 96th Street East between E Avenue T and E Avenue T-2, in the unincorporated community of Littlerock. The park amenities will include a 500 square feet restroom building and associated leach field; shaded picnic areas; two separated children’s play areas for ages 2-5 and ages 5-12 with shade coverings; equestrian pen with tie-ups and water; shaded fitness area; art/interpretive elements; park monument sign; drinking fountains; picnic tables; grills; trash/recycle receptacles; benches/seating; concrete walkways; bike racks; a plaza; a gazebo; porch swings; landscaping and irrigation; security lighting; chain-link fences; and parking lot with associated ADA parking and ramps.

PROJECT APPLICANT: County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation

Jui Ing Chien
Park Planner

EXEMPT STATUS: Categorical Exemption

TYPE, SECTION OR CODE: 15303 (c)(d)(e) and 15304 (a)(b)

REASONS FOR EXEMPTION: The proposed project is categorically exempt under CEQA according to sections 15303 (c)(d)(e) and 15304 (a)(b), because the project provides for installation of small new structures and utility extensions; grading on land with a slope of less than 10 percent; new landscaping; and will not involve the removal of healthy, mature, and scenic trees.

In addition, based on the proposed project records, it will comply with all applicable regulations, and it is not in a sensitive environment, and there are no cumulative impacts, unusual circumstances, damage to scenic highways, listing on hazardous waste site lists compiled pursuant to Government Code section 65962.5, or indications that it may cause a substantial adverse change in the significance of a historical resource that would make the exemption inapplicable.

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