PROJECT TITLE: re:Play – Playground Replacement Projects


Belvedere Community Regional Park (East Los Angeles)
4914 E. Cesar Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90022

George Washington Carver Park (Willowbrook)
1400 E. 118th St., Los Angeles, CA 90059

Charles White Park (Altadena)
77 Mountain View St., Altadena, CA 91001

Enterprise Park (Willowbrook)
13055 Clovis St., Los Angeles, CA 90059

East Rancho Dominguez Park (East Rancho Dominguez)
15116 S. Atlantic Ave., Compton, CA 90221

Franklin D. Roosevelt Park (Florence-Firestone)
7600 Graham Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90001

Lennox Park (Lennox)
10828 S. Condon Ave., Inglewood, CA 90304

Mona Park (Willowbrook)
2291 E. 121st St., Compton, CA 90222

Jesse Owens Community Regional Park
9651 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047

Col. Leon H. Washington Park (Florence-Firestone)
8908 S. Maie Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90002

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The proposed projects will install new playground equipment, safety surfacing, benches, trash receptacles, a trike/bike skills course, water fountain, other site amenities and related improvements at existing playgrounds. The Playground Replacement Project at Col. Leon H. Washington Park will also include restriping of the tennis court with a trike/bike skills course.

PROJECT APPLICANT: County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation


Jui Ing Chien
Park Planner

EXEMPT STATUS: Categorical Exemption


Categorical Sections 15301(d), 15302 (c) and 15303 (e)
County CEQA Guidelines Categorical Exemption Classes 1(c), 2(e) and 3(b)

REASONS FOR EXEMPTION:  The proposed projects are categorically exempt under CEQA according to sections 15301(d), 15302 (c) and 15303 (e) of the State CEQA Guidelines and Classes 1(c), 2(e) and 3(b) of the County’s Environmental Document Reporting Procedures and Guidelines, Appendix G.  The projects provide for minor alterations of existing public facilities, replacement of existing facilities involving negligible or no expansion of capacity, and installation of small new structures.

In addition, based on the proposed project records, they will comply with all applicable regulations, and they are not in a sensitive environment, and there are no cumulative impacts, unusual circumstances, damage to scenic highways, listing on hazardous waste site lists compiled pursuant to Government Code section 65962.5, or indications that they may cause a substantial adverse change in the significance of a historical resource that would make the exemption inapplicable.

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