Spring 2021 Toolkit

Spring 2021 Toolkit

Spring 2021 Toolkit 800 800 Parks & Recreation


LA County Parks Launches a Movement to Get Kids Playing at Local Parks Again
Starting April 1, 2021

Help us spread the word about a variety of new FREE programs for youth and families, including sports equipment check-out during afterschool hours, Saturday sports clinics for ages 6-12 and Nature Center exploration programs to discover the wonder of nature and wildlife.

Please feel free to use the materials below to promote LA County Parks programming on social media or other digital platforms. For participating Every Body Plays cities, you can use the templates below to create your own promotional materials. 

Be sure use the related hashtags when posting on social media including #SpringIntoParks and tag us on social media: @LACountyParks on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok or @parks.lacounty.gov on Facebook.

For more information about each program, please visit our webpages:



Youth can rent sports equipment for FREE when playing at 55 parks and 20 cities throughout LA County. We encourage youth to get active and stay healthy in a safe place. For LA County Park locations, Every Body Plays is available Tuesdays to Saturdays from 2:30-5:30 p.m. Youth and their families can show up to the park to check out fun equipment like basketballs, soccer balls, hula hoops, tennis equipment and more. 

Webpage: https://parks.lacounty.gov/everybodyplays
Hashtags: #EveryBodyPlays #SpringIntoParks #LACountyParks


Youth who live near 55 parks 🏡 can soon #SpringIntoParks and check out FREE sports equipment 🏀 as part of the #EveryBodyPlays program. From tennis balls / racquets, basketballs to soccer balls and more - #LACountyParks is making sure everybody can play this summer. Learn more at parks.lacounty.gov/everybodyplays!

#EveryBodyPlays with #LACountyParks! 🏞 As part of our #SpringIntoParks launch, youth throughout #LACounty now have the ability to check out select 🎾🏀⚽ sports equipment FREE of charge. 🙌 Visit parks.lacounty.gov/everybodyplays for more info!

#LACountyParks and 20 cities are joining together to launch Every Body Plays at a park near you! Youth can now rent sports equipment and have snacks in a safe and fun place after-school, for FREE! 🥎🏀⚽  Equipment may include tennis racquets and balls, basketballs, soccer balls, carom tables, games, hula hoops and jump ropes.  Covid-19 guidelines will be enforced for safety. 😷  Visit parks.lacounty.gov/everybodyplays for more info.  #SpringIntoParks #EveryBodyPlays


Over 20 cities and 55 LA County Parks locations are joining a movement to get kids playing at local parks again. If you are a participating Every Body Plays city or parks department, please use these materials to create your own social media graphics, flyers, media advisory and more.

Website: parks.lacounty.gov/everybodyplays

Media Advisory Template

B-Roll Footage


Go on an adventure at our amazing 7 Nature Centers! Explore ecosystems, identify plants and wildlife, make art from nature and maybe even meet special animal guests. Discover the natural world with fun activities planned by our Natural Center staff and make time to walk or hike at each location. Every Body Explores takes place Wednesdays to Fridays 2:30 p.m. – 5:30p.m. and Saturdays 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Webpage: https://parks.lacounty.gov/springintoparks
Hashtags: #EveryBodyExplores #SpringIntoParks #LACountyParks


The #EveryBodyExplores program encourages youth in #LACounty to get outdoors and visit one of our 7 #LACountyParks Nature Centers for FREE activities/workshops to discover, explore and create while learning about the natural world! 🦉🌳 Learn more: parks.lacounty.gov/springintoparks

Join #LACountyParks on an adventure at one of our Nature Centers! 🌳☀️ Explore plants and wildlife, take part in our activities and maybe even meet special animal guests at the #EveryBodyExplores program. 🦉 Visit parks.lacounty.gov/springintoparks to learn more!


All youth deserve the chance to play, have fun, exercise and develop a love for being active with basic skills training in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and cheer! LA County Parks is proud to offer FREE sports clinics offered at 25 parks for youth ages 6-12. Clinics take place on Saturdays at various locations and times. Each clinic lasts about two hours and is limited to 15 participants, following COVID-19 guidelines. Pre-registration is required.

Free registration: https://apm.activecommunities.com/LosAngelesCounty
Hashtags: #EveryBodyPlays #SpringIntoParks #LACountyParks


From baseball ⚾️ to softball 🥎, basketball 🏀 to soccer ⚽️ and so many others, the #LACountyParks new #SportsForAll initiative is sure to have something for all youth who are interested in FREE sports clinics related to entry level sports. Learn more: parks.lacounty.gov/springintoparks

Our brand new 🏀⚾️ #SportsForAll🥎 initiative is happening now, and any and all youth in #LACounty are invited to sign up for an affordable  #LACountyParkssports clinic while spots are still open! Find a park near you today by visiting parks.lacounty.gov/springintoparks

#LACountyParks has launched its new ⚾️🏀#SportsForAll⚽️🥎 initiative, which offers youth across #LACounty the chance to enroll in free sports clinics located at 25 different parks! Find a park near you today by visiting parks.lacounty.gov/springintoparks.

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