To obtain a permit

  • Contact the Reservations Office of your desired facility to determine dates of availability. A walk through may also be scheduled with staff to determine the location, if the facility can accommodate the requested use, and if staff film monitors will be required. Film monitors and additional park staff is at the expense of the filmmaker/photographer and will be collected by the Department of Parks and Recreation. These fees are in addition to fees collected by Film LA Inc. for the issuance of a film permit. A walk through meeting is required for all filming in any of the Department’s Natural Areas.
  • Once the dates have been determined and cleared, the permit can be applied for by contacting Film LA Inc. at (213) 977-8600. Film LA Inc. will assess and collect all necessary fees for the issuance of the permit and verify all liability insurance coverage. Other fees, such as parking lot fees, special facility fees and personnel fees, are collected by the Department of Parks and Recreation Reservations Office for the desired facility.
  • County Use Fees cover general areas of the parks, such as open areas.  Additional fees are required for use of areas that can be reserved by the general public, including baseball and soccer fields, gymnasiums, and community rooms. The Reservations Office will be able to assist in determining these fees based on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved fee schedule for the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • Film LA Inc. will forward a draft permit to the Department’s Film Coordinator (DFC) to obtain the authorization and approval of the permit.
  • The DFC will review the permit and advise Film LA Inc. of any changes needing to be made, or of the approval of the permit.
  • Once approved, Film LA Inc. will issue the permit to the filmmaker/photographer.

In order to process the film permit in a timely manner, we require that all arrangements be made and finalized with the park’s Reservations Office no later than three business days (not including Fridays, weekends, or holidays) prior to the beginning of any filming activities.

Because weekends and holidays are generally busiest times at the parks, all filming activities, including prep and strike, are only permitted to take place Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 p.m.

Film activities involving a large cast/crew sizes, pyrotechnics, explosions, or any other fire hazard, will require a Fire Safety Advisor or Officer from the Los Angeles County Fire Department to be present. Activities involving uniformed personnel, gunfire of any kind and/or the brandishing of firearms, or any weapons, will require the presence of Deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau. Any traffic control or other law enforcement duties needed, within the County Park boundaries shall be contracted to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau.

Depending on production size and filming activities, a Film Monitor from the Department of Parks and Recreation may be required during filming. This will be determined with the reservations staff after the walk through has been completed.  Because of ecological sensitivity, filming in any of the Department’s Natural Areas will require a Department Film Monitor, regardless of filming activity.

Contacts for Community Park Agencies Reservations Offices

North County Community Parks Agency

Contact: Chanel Harris  (661) 294-3519

South County Community Parks Agency

Contact: Antoinette Fields  (310) 965-8668

East County Community Parks Agency

Contact: Arlene Martinez or Linda Dickinson  (626) 968-9964

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