To Become a Volunteer

The County of Los Angeles has set forth certain requirements for volunteers that each County Department must adhere to. In compliance with these requirements, the Department of Parks and Recreation requires that each volunteer be registered, complete a background check, and record all volunteer hours.

For more information about volunteering with the Department of Parks and Recreation, please email by clicking on the button below or call the Department Volunteer Coordinator, Brian Mejia at (626) 588-5125.

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Every potential volunteer must complete the Volunteer Application.  The application can be downloaded from this website by clicking the button below or obtained from your favorite parks and recreation facility. The application should be returned to the park where you would like to volunteer.

All potential volunteers will be provided with a copy of the Volunteer Manual, which explains the guidelines and policies pertaining to volunteers, and will be required to sign a form indicating receipt of the Volunteer Manual. You can also download a copy of the manual by clicking the button below.

Background Check:

Because we interact with the public in our operations, including children and seniors, every volunteer applicant must pass a background check prior to the start of their service with the Department. The background check consists of a criminal history report from the California Department of Justice via Live-Scanning. Failure to disclose a conviction that has not been dismissed per section 1203.4 of the California Penal Code, on the application will be grounds for dismissal, or rejection of the application.

Upon the completion and submittal of the Volunteer Application, the applicant will be given a Live-Scan Request Form and directed to a parks and recreation facility where the applicant will be scanned.  The applicant must present photo identification when being scanned. Acceptable forms of identification are a California Driver License, California State ID, or other government issued identification.

Records of Time:

Volunteers are required to sign in and out when they arrive at or leave their assigned facility. This requirement is not only for time keeping purposes, but also for accountability in case of emergency. In addition, the volunteer should keep a separate record of their volunteer hours.

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