The Department of Parks and Recreation has many different volunteer types.

Year-Round Volunteers:

These volunteers assist our park staff with day to day operations of our facilities and ongoing programs. Many of these volunteers participate in our volunteer programs. Their assistance helps keep our parks running smoothly and efficiently.

Seasonal Volunteers:

The majority of our seasonal volunteers are usually coaches, or officials, for our sports programs. These volunteers come back almost every season to help with the programs they love.

Student Volunteers:

Student volunteers are able to assist in various park programs and functions to satisfy community services hours for their course/school requirements. This also includes members of scouting organizations that need to complete a community service project. Inquire with your local park about the many opportunities for Eagle Scout projects.

Group Volunteers:

Group volunteers are members of organizations, such as schools, churches, Boy/Girl Scouts, or businesses. These groups usually conduct specific community service projects that enhance our facilities.

Special Event Volunteers:

These volunteers assist with specific events at our parks and only for a short period of time – generally no more than three days.

Specialized Volunteers:

We have many specialized volunteer programs.  Our Mounted Assistance Units patrol our many trails on horseback, providing public information and assistance for our many trail users. They also provide information on trails that may need maintenance and repair. Our Nature Center Docents assist with tours and educational programs at our many nature centers, arboretum and botanic gardens.

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