Department of Parks and Recreation Facilities

Master Agreement
for Special Events

The County of Los Angeles (County), Department of Parks and Recreation (Department), is seeking qualified contractors to enter into a Master Agreement with the County to book, produce, and promote Special Events such as concerts, festivals and fairs, trade shows/conventions, cultural events, celebrations, large scale sports events, and circus/carnivals on particular park grounds and on particular dates to provide recreational and health benefits to the local community and the residents of County of Los Angeles..

The purpose of this Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) is to ensure that the Department has Master Agreements in place with a qualified pool of organizations to provide the requested services for five (5) years with an option to extend for an additional 5year period on an as-needed basis.

The Department currently maintains 182 parks throughout the County of Los Angeles. There are four Special Event locations identified under this RFSQ.  The County reserves the right add and/or delete parks and facilities from this RFSQ.

This Special Events RFSQ consists of the following categories that a Vendor may qualify for. When the Department announces specific locations and specific dates for future special events, a Special Event Work Order Solicitation will be released to Vendors in the categories for which they have been prequalified.  Vendors may seek to qualify in one or more of the following categories:

1.1.1 Entertainment Special Events

1.1.2 Sports Special Events

1.1.3 Commercial Special Events

Vendor’s Minimum Qualifications

Interested and qualified Vendors that meet the Minimum Qualifications stated below are invited to submit a SOQ.

  1.  Contractors must have a minimum of five (5) years of experience within the last ten years’ operating events similar in nature and scope as described in this RFSQ. New Firm Eligibility Contractors may submit a SOQ even if the company has not met the minimum number of years required. Contractors may qualify if the company’s principals, partners or officers personally meet the minimum qualifications from previous organizations. Contractors must explicitly state that they are seeking to qualify under this Section.
  2. If a contractor’s compliance with a County contract has been reviewed by the Department of the Auditor-Controller within the last 10 years, Contractor must not have unresolved questioned costs identified by the Auditor-Controller, in an amount over $100,000.00, that are confirmed to be disallowed costs by the contracting County department, and remain unpaid for six months or more from the date of disallowance, unless such disallowed costs are the subject of current good faith negotiations to resolve the disallowed costs, in the opinion of the County.
  3. Each Contractor must provide Proof of Insurability.  A letter of commitment from an insurance company, acceptable to the County, setting forth that adequate insurance coverage ($2,000,000 single limit for liabilities and as further described in the attached Master Agreement, Appendix H) will be available at the time of the award of the Master Agreement, is acceptable.  Letters of intent from insurance brokers will not be considered acceptable.