I am a photographer and do a lot of wedding photography. Is there a program that will allow me to use different locations throughout the year?

Yes, a County Annual Photo Badge is available for photographers, such as yourself. For about the cost of one still photo film permit, you can apply and obtain this badge from Film LA Inc. This will allow you to take photographs at most county park locations without a specific film permit. However, there are some locations (such as The Arboretum or any of the Botanical Gardens, Vasquez Rocks, and Castaic Lake) where the photo badge is not accepted. You should always contact the location where you wish to photograph prior to arriving to verify that the photo badge is accepted and that the time you wish to be there does not conflict with any other park activities.

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Do I need a film permit to take pictures at a County park for my own use?

No, photography for personal use does not require a film permit, as long as the photographs will not be used as part of a film school or commercial project.

I wish to have my wedding pictures taken by a photographer at a County park. Since this is not for commercial use, do I need a film permit?

Yes, if you are using a professional photographer to take wedding or special occasion photographs, the photographer will need to apply for a film permit through Film LA Inc, the authorized film permitting agency for both the County and City of Los Angeles. Film LA Inc. does have an Annual Photo Badge that is available to photographers, but in all cases, the park’s Reservations Office should be contacted to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts.

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Do students need a film permit?

Yes, students will need to go through the same process for obtaining a film permit. Although the County Use Fees are waived and application fees are minimal, students are still responsible for all other applicable fees, such as fees for the use of special areas like ball fields and/or picnic areas.

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