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Where can I make my online reservations?

You can make online reservations by clicking on the button below. Please note, all areas are not available to be reserved online. You may be required to contact the local central reservations office.

Online Reservations

I have been informed that I need liability insurance for my event. Why do I need insurance?

Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation will not be held liable for vendors faulty equipment  and their operation. We require insurance for the protection of Los Angeles County, community and our patrons.

Where can I purchase liability insurance?

You can purchase insurance from The Event Helper by clicking on the button below.  You can also contact  an insurance company and  may have to provide a Certificate of Insurance or other evidence of General Liability Insurance coverage, which shall be primary to and not contributing with any other insurance or self-insurance maintained by the County and meet the County required limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate, and a copy of the endorsement to the general liability policy naming the County as an additional insured.

The Event Helper

What is the cost of liability insurance?

If insurance is required, you will need to contact your insurance company.  Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation does not provide insurance quotes.

Will I be required to pay a security deposit for my event?

Depending on your event type (birthday party, company picnic, etc), attendance (1 – 1500 + people) and other factors you may be required to pay a security deposit.

Is there a minimum stay to reserve a campsite at Castaic Lake?

Castaic Lake has a minimum stay of 2 nights.

What is the latest date that I can reserve online a single use campsite?

You can reserve online up to the day before of your requested stay at Castaic Lake.  Castaic Lake does allow in person booking for the same day space permitting.

I need to reserve a campsite, what do I do?

You can either contact the reservation office and talk to a live person, or you can reserve it through our website by clicking the button below. Our website also has the phone numbers of all Los Angeles County Parks reservation offices.

Make a Reservation

How far in advance can I reserve a picnic site online?

Picnic sites can be reserved online up to six months in advance.

What’s the latest that I can reserve a picnic site?

Two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Where can I get a list of vendors that I can use for an inflatable at your facility?

Some of our parks central reservation offices will provide you a list of approved jumper/inflatable companies.   Please be aware not all inflatable’s are allowed at our parks.

What is LACARRS?

LACARRS stands for Los Angeles County Activities Reservation & Registration System. LACARRS is our online reservation website.

Am I able to bring a bouncer or other play equipment for my child’s birthday party?

When making your reservation for a space at the park, inquire as to whether that equipment is allowable at that facility. You will be advised what needs to be submitted, such as liability insurance. This also includes other special needs such as the use of amplified sound.

I want to use a moon bouncer/inflatable at my event, can I use any inflatable company?

You can use any inflatable/moonbounce company , as long as they can provide the current required insurance.  Please be aware, not all inflatable’s may be allowed in our parks.

How do I reserve a picnic table?

An individual picnic table is not reservable, but a picnic area/site with a picnic table is.  Please visit our website by clicking the button below to reserve picnic areas or call the reservation office.

Online Reservations

I need to reserve a baseball field, who do I contact?

We are in the process of creating an online pilot program with a database for baseball fields that are available to reserve.  You can search online by clicking on the button below for a baseball fields availability and then contact the central reservations office.

Online Reservations

If I have a problem processing my payment on the LACARRS website, what do I do?

If you cannot make a payment due to an expired card, wrong credit/debit card entered, etc an error message will be displayed and you will be prompted to enter the correct information. Please call the reservations park that you are trying to make the payment to before trying a different card.

I checked my credit/debit card receipt and I may have been charged twice. Who do I contact?

Please contact the central reservations office on your receipt.  We will then check our financial records as to the reported payments.

What credit or debit cards can I use to make payment for an online reservation?

LACARRS takes the following credit cards:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also take debit cards that are part of the STAR, PULSE , NYCE networks. The reservation system does not accept all VISA branded credit cards due to VISA’s own rules and regulations. We apologize for the inconvenience. We do, however, accept debit cards issued by financial institutions that participate in the PINless debit network for online transactions. Some banks, including some of the largest ones, do not accept PINless debit. Please check with your bank before utilizing this service.

When will Parks be offering online programs registration? I want to sign my children up for lessons/programs.

The Parks and Recreation currently plans to offer a small pilot in spring/summer 2013 where we will offer you an opportunity to register online for selected programs.  Please check back in winter 2013 for more details.

Will you be offering more advance purchase registration for admission tickets?

The Parks and Recreation department will be reviewing in the fall 2012 our pilot of advanced purchase of vehicle entrance tickets at Santa Fe Dam.  We may offer this program again in Spring 2013.  Please check in winter 2013 for more details.

When will the eStore be open?

The eStore is open. When there are tickets or other items for sale you will see them in the eStore.

I left several messages to make a reservation and I have not received a call back, what do I do?

Please visit our website by clicking the button below, find the reservation site/park of your choice and ensure the phone number you dialed is correct.  You can also email the different reservations office- with the email address found on the park page or on your reservation permit.

Online Reservations

Do you allow weddings and receptions at your facilities?

Please contact the parks that you are interested in by calling the central reservations number or by email.  They will assist you in selecting which facilities can accommodate weddings and/or receptions.

I need to cancel or reschedule a reservation, what do I do?

Please call the reservation office using the phone number on your reservation confirmation sent to you via email.  Please be aware that if you cancel, there is a $50 minimum non-refundable reservation fee and possibly a cancellation fee depending on the area.

How do I confirm my reservations?

You can either contact the reservation office and speak to a live person, or you can visit our website by clicking on the button below to check your reservation status.  Also, if confirmed, you should receive an automated email.

Online Reservations

I would like to know if there are entrance fees to a park before I travel there?

The following parks charge vehicle entrance fees, and the pricing for various vehicles are listed below.

Castaic Lake State Recreation Area

Frank G. Bonelli Regional park

Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

Whittier Narrows Recreation Area

Car $10.00/$11.00 (Castaic Lake only)
Buss $30.00
R.V. $14.00
Limo $16.00
Senior $5.00 (Only available weekdays)
How do I obtain a password for online reservations?

Please click on the button below to visit our site. You can obtain your own personal password once you have completed the customer registration.

Online Reservations

How can I reserve a park / picnic area for a party, family reunion or other special event?

You can either contact the reservation office and speak with a live person, or you can reserve it through our website by clicking the button below.  Our website also has the phone numbers of all Los Angeles County Parks reservation offices..

Online Reservations

Where can I find a phone number I can call to make a reservation?

Our website has the phone numbers of all Los Angeles County Parks reservation offices. Please click on the button below to search locations to see their contact info.
Online Reservations

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